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I’ve become a huge proponent of dry Rosé wines and particularly Rosé from France’s Provence region.

RoseBottlesI get asked all of the time how to pick out the good ones, where to find them, price points, and if I’m sure they’re not sweet.

In reverse order – they’re not sweet, great dry Rosé wines can be found from low teens to mid $20 range, and you can find them in any good wine shop.

Now how do you pick out the good ones? First, go to trusted producers and names you’ve heard before. If it’s the best of the best, those wonderful Provence wines, it can be even simpler – just look at the bottle.

Not every Provence winemaker uses the old-style curvy wine bottle but many still do. I can’t think of a single Rosé I’ve purchased in that bottle that’s not been pretty darn good.

I had that not-so-bright, but nonetheless, profound thought in a wine shop tonight. I bought two of the shapely bottles and look forward to further testing my theory.

Just buy a curvy bottle of Provence Rosé and see if you don’t agree!