If I wrote 85 percent Garnacha and 15 percent Tempranillo you’re going to say “Aha, another Spanish wine!”

Well tonight you’d be wrong!

I opened a 2007 Odisea Two Rows Garnacha tonight from California. I love those two grapes and was pretty sure what to expect but was taken back a bit by the boldness of this California concoction.

The wine had big spice and big dark fruit flavor. But, for me the tannins came on too strong. It is a wine that spent some aging time in French oak. It is a young wine but one I’d assume meant to be consumed at a young age – or maybe not!

I really, really wanted to love this wine. As I write this entry, the wine has been open about an hour and a half and is starting to smooth out a bit. I’d think a long decant, or another year in the bottle would make this a bold California venture into southern France and Spanish wine styles.

I had it with Chili and the balance was pretty good. The wine was even better with some dark chocolate.

I might just pick up another bottle of this and put it away for a year. I love the effort from winemakers Adam Webb and Mike Kuenz.

I just have a feeling this is darn fine wine when it opens up. Right now it’s really tight. Perhaps I’ll update this entry tomorrow night when I finish the bottle.

Online I saw this priced up to $25. I picked up this bottle at Village Bottle Shoppe in West Lafayette for a very reasonable $15.99.

I wouldn’t say I disliked the wine at all, but I wanted to love it. Stay tuned!

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