Recently I’ve taken to drinking more Cabernet Sauvignon. The grand ol grape is grown all around the world and is best known for the great wines of France and California.

I have discovered some old friends, so to speak. I have bought several “iconic” California Cabernets along with a few new ones. And you know what kids? Those “good old boys” of Sonoma and Napa still know, have always known what they’re doing.

I admit with a tinge of embarrassment I had never had a Louis M. Martini wine until this very night. Louis started his California winery in 1933 and the family operation runs it to this very day.

I opened the Martini 2007 Sonoma Cabernet Sauvignon. You can find it within a range of $12-$16. Guess what? It’s damn fine Cab! Wine Advocate and Robert Parker both pinned this value wine at 90 points!

The juice has a huge nose for the price. I get spice, herbs, and some dirt on the nose. I thought it was a nicely balanced and well-made bottle of wine. I’d recommend this wine heartily to those just starting with Cabernet. Sure, it’s not a huge wine at this price but it is surprisingly big and even more suprisingly balanced.

This is quality at a Cabernet price point where you usually only see confusion and tricks.

Better yet, Louis Martini wine is widely available. I’ve bet you’ve seen the label on the bottle I inserted on this blog.

Pick a bottle up next time you’re having steak. I don’t think there is any way you can be disappointed with this wine at this price!

I have a couple more in the wine rack I’ll be trying soon. There’s nothing like ‘old friends’ – even when you’re meeting them for the first time.

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