I was engaged in great conversation Wednesday night and enjoyed a French Vouvray with some cow, goat, and sheep’s milk cheese. That’s living!

Domaine Pichot 2006 Vouvray Domaine Le Peu De La Moriette – was the Vouvray. This was a sweet treatment of the Chenin Blanc grape. Now, before you go running the other way the French make the sweeter wine with out the gooey, fruity palate mess that makes you think White Zinfandel, Concord, Niagra or any other such thoughts.

It was very aromatic. I was getting pear and maybe lime. It was just beautifully balanced, though admittedly, far sweeter than about anything I would ever drink.

This reminded me of the aged Vouvray I had in Italy that was so awesome with French cheeses. This wine was a great cheese pairing wine as well. It would also be great on the porch in the summer.

This wine ranges from $10-$15. I bought this bottle at Kahn’s on Keystone in Indianapolis.

I have another Vouvray in the wine rack I’m now anxious to try. It continues to amaze me the very different styles of Chenin Blanc the French manage to produce!

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