The wine blogging world has had an impact in so many different ways on wine drinkers and the business.

There are wine bloggers who have suggested ideas which have become part of the oenophile landscape. Wine Blogging Wednesday has been a big success getting bloggers to review a particular type of wine or wine from a particular region. I’d have provided a link, but yikes – I was getting a virus warning! This is reputable site and I’m sure they’ll have it cleaned up soon.

But the event I wanted to bring attention to is national “Open That Bottle Night” or OTBN. Palate Press has a great interview online with the couple who started OTBN 11 years ago.

The concept is rather simple. Most serious wine drinkers have a bottle, two, three or more they save for a special occasion. Often those bottles wait and wait for that milestone to approach.

So Dorothy Gaiter and John Brecher started OTBN while writing for the Wall Street Journal 11 years ago. Celebrate the wine or celebrate the weekend but open something special. There is even a website celebrating OTBN.

I’m contemplating my choice. It’s going to be Pinot Noir. I have some real gems I brought back from Oregon in April so I’m in for OTBN.

I’ll have my OTBN review up Saturday night or Sunday morning. Would love to hear from anyone who joins in – leave a comment!

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