As one gets more and more into wine what you want to look for is if a wine is correct to the varietal. Does the Pinot taste like Pinot? Is the Cabernet characteristically correct for a Cabernet? Etc ….

That’s hard with a nice dry summer Rose’ because the wine is made, and made well, from so many different grapes.

But if there was one you might want to try for your summer of dry rose’ exploration it would be the nice French Mas Carlot 2008 Rose’.

The wine is 60 percent Grenache and 40 percent Syrah. It has a big beautiful nose of strawberry .. a bigger nose than many dry rose’ wines.

It has a bright and light fruity flavor with some mineral, strawberry, and sweet spicy goodness.

There are so many good Rose’ wines on the market at incredibly low prices, it’s hard to go wrong. Ok, there are a few stinkers too!

But this wine is available at Kahn’s Fine Wines in Indianapolis on Keystone Ave. for $9.99.

A great wine at a great price. If you wish to taste really good French Rose’ at a reasonable price, it’s hard to go wrong staring with Mas Carlot.

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