In April I blogged from my roadtrip to Oregon’s Willamette Valley as I hopped from winery to winery. It was truly one of the most fun experiences I’ve ever had.

I’m embarking on a two-day trip Thursday morning that wasn’t originally designed to be a winery tour, but has turned into something of one.

I’ve wanted to drive along the banks of the Ohio River for a year or two. I did it many years ago and its an interesting experience. There are great old river towns like Rockport, Tell City, and Cannelton.

I checked Indiana’s winery map and found 5-6 wineries very close to my route. So I’m going to stop and visit as many as possible.

I’ll definitely post something with photos Thursday night. I’m not sure what my internet access will be Friday. I’ll post something over the weekend, or the second day of the trip will have to wait until Sunday or first of the week. We’ll see!

But I should have some river and winery pics up tomorrow night

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