I am still at stage I devour stories on web, magazines, wherever I may find them about wine.

I keep thinking I’ll use this blog to drink about the 2-3 bottles I usually open per week. Maybe I will.

But today, looking for something else at work, I stumbled across a piece in the New York Times about wine. “Wines Pleasures: Are they all in your head?” is a fascinating read.

It talks about a couple of different consumer taste tests where customers were given a sip of a very expensive and a very cheap wine. Of course, “average consumers” often piced the less expensive. The formally educated eonophile often picked the more expense. No surprise, really!

But the article built a convincing argument that larger, less sophisticated segment of the market is largely manipulated by marketing, wine magazines, critics, and wine snobbery.

I’ve probably fallen guilty to each of those. But with that being said, I agreed with much of what I read. I’v elinked the story to its title above. If you like and care about wine, it’s a great read.