Just a short entry. I’m a newshound and admit it. I regularly monitor MSNBC.com for the latest news. Great site, easy to use and I highly recomment it. They link to lots of the nations top newspapers and bring little gems to my attention that would otherwise go unnoticed.

Today – another example of how the current Republican administration has undermined the very process of good government. Same old stuff you say – and you’d be right! Same old stuff they’ve been doing for seven years.

Read this story in the New York Times about how former Attorney General John Ashcroft got a sweetheart contract from a federal prosecutor with no bidding process. The contract is estimated to be valued at $28-$52 million dollars.

It may draw a congressional inquiry.

As a side note, Ashcroft visited Wabash last May and in a public speech spewed the usual neo-conservative point of view to no one’s surprise. And for anyone who has followed his career, equally not surprising was what a jerk he was to a couple of students during the question and answer period.

This adminstration has surely had some cast of characters!