It’s a struggle to find a great glass of Sangiovese at a reasonable price point, partially because there is so much wine on the market.

I found a new appelation with the wine I opened tonight and a very pleasing glass of Italian wine. Montecucco is a little-known but large region in Tuscany that runs almost to the Italian coast.I opened a bottle of Chorum 2007 Sangiovese.

The wine must be at least 85 percent Sangiovese but this one was 100 percent of the signature Italian grape. This makes the wine much like a Chianti Classico.

I loved the smooth and rich sour cherry flavor of this wine with unusually mild tannins for a Sangiovese wine. This wine usually retails around $18-$19 but I picked it up from the online flash site for $9.99. At that price, this wine is a steal.

Simply put, it’s one of the most drinkable 100 percent Sangiovese wines you’re going to find. Wine Enthusiast gave this juice a very fair 88 points. If you come accross it, try it. It’s good Italian wine.

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