I think of Italian and Spanish white wines and I think of acidic, light-flavored wines that are just great in the heat of summer.

I recently received a bottle of Fontana Candida Frascati as a trade sample. When I saw it retailed for $10 I expected the same light style. Now, I must also admit I dont’ recall how much Frascati I’ve actually tasted. I believe I have before I really got into writing and documenting my wine drinking.

Frascati is made largely from the Malvasia grape. It’s often blended with Trebbiano.

Frascati has long been Fontana Candida’s calling card. The grapes are grown in a region of volcanic soils very near Rome. The marketing materials promote the wine as the “House Wine of Rome” and “The Wine of the Popes.”

Fontana Candida has been pushing the quality since the 1980s and trying to improve their wines, according the marketing. They are now distributed in the U.S. by Banfi, a major international marketing force.

But what about the wine? This pale yellow wine suprised me in a couple of ways. It had a bolder flavor than I ever expected. There is definitely pear on the palate and nose. It has a nice acidity but most of all a really nice lingering finish.

This really is a wine that you might think costs more than a ten dollar bill.

There is a lot of Frascati coming out of Italy. But Fontana Candida is one of the biggest producers. It’s a great chance to enjoy a very palatable and tasty wine and at extremely affordable price point.

I had the wine with some plain pasta, ground turkey, onions, and just a few diced tomatoes and juice. It was a good combination. This would work on the deck during hot summer days as well.

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