The photo above may look a bit odd. That’s because it’s an altered photograph and a really odd idea.

The photo is of Germany’s beautiful Mosel Valley. The Mosel is arguably one of the finest Riesling producing areas in the world. The German government, as part of an economic stimulus plan, is proposing building a bridge over the valley.

So the photo is real the bridge is an artist’s concept imposed electronically on the photo. The Mosel River empties into the Rhine River. I was lucky to drive up the Rhine River in 1994 and its a beautifully captivating area of Europe.

I came across this story and illustration and was stunned that the German government, which supports so much of the country’s history and culture, would fund such an eyesore. The story also suggested the bridge would only reduce the drive in the area by about 30 minutes.

It would be a shame to see such a gorgeous area ruined with something like this!

So, just a rant I guess! The bridge is a really bad idea!

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