Though I know I do have some blog followers outside the Hoosier state, this entry is a quick reminder to mostly those folks. If you’re outside of Indiana, try to find this wine.

Back on May 3 I wrote about Castano Monastrell.I called it the best bottle of wine I’ve ever had for under $10.

I picked up a case at Cork & Cracker in Indy but since then I’ve seen it at Village Bottle Shop in Lafayette and at Goose the Market on Delaware St. in Indianapolis.

Cork and Cracker sold something like 40 cases of this wine. Both of the other two outlets had a good amount of the wine when I was in their stores recently. The wine sells for an incredible $6.99 a bottle and got a 90-point rating from the Wine Advocate.

It’s not huge but remarkably balanced and spicy at this price point. And the $6.99 most people are selling it for is a bargain. I’ve seen it up to $11 – which is still a bargain for this wine.

This is the first time I’ve re-visited a wine in this blog. If you can find some Castano Monastrell buy it and make a comment here on what you think about it!

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