The coming of spring weather means its time to rake the leaves and get out the grill. With sunny skies in Central Indiana today, and fresh back from the warm temperatures of Florida, I decided to grill a ribeye!

I went to the wine rack and found a Carlos Basso blend I bought at Vine & Table in Carmel. I remember the wine buyer telling me it was a very, very soft red wine with no real tannin taste at all. The wine is 55 percent Cabernet and 45 percent Merlot.

He was right. That is a good thing and a bad thing. Let me explain. The good thing is that almost anyone in the world could drink this wine with some sort of red meat. Frankly, you could drink it alone with the absense of much on the back end of the palate.

It’s soft, dark red wine with some spice flavor and a tad bit of oak. On the the other side of things, it didn’t hold up all that great to the ribeye. That’s where those tannins come in handy when pairing red wine with bigger-flavored foods.

This wine would be a good safe choice if you’re having guests and beef and not sure what they might drink. It’s not too big for the non-wine drinkers and palatible enough for those who regularly enjoy wine.

I wouldn’t call it wimpy there is some nice flavor but its certainly not a big red wine. Still, at the $10.99 I paid for the bottle its a nice choice at that price point.

I’ve had some great Malbec from Carlos Basso and would recommend you pick up their label wherever you might see it. They are a fine Argentinian producer. There value wines are widely available.

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