Empty shelves at all markets around the city.

Where have all the biscuits gone?

Long time passing?

Where have all the biscuits gone?

From not so long ago?

Where have all the biscuits gone?

Baked during pandemic- every one.

Oh, when will the doughboy return?

Oh when will the Pillsbury guy return?

Ok, that was bad with apologies to Pete Seeger and the Kingston Trio. But have you tried buying canned, ready-to-bake biscuits lately or during the pandemic? They are almost impossible to find.

I love Pillsbury crescent or buttery biscuits but I’ve visited four Indy food markets and found little inventory. And don’t get me started on missing those orange-iced rolls!

I’m good on Google and searched various word combinations and can’t find any reasoning. Nothing online about supply problems, manufacturing problems or any reason. But no biscuits this week at four markets and same happened during high of pandemic? Why is the Pillsbury doughboy awol? I’ll even take other brands – and no biscuits!!

Forget the Christmas toys, car electronics, and other things identified as being in short supply. Can someone tell me where the biscuits have gone?

This is a national breakfast crisis!