INDIANAPOLIS – I write a lot (brfly) about wine, food I make and food I visit restaurants to enjoy. I also have written through the years when I travel, usually wine related.

I’m about to make a short trip south for pure relaxation and to soak in the “get away from it all” mindset. And I’ve decided to write a bit. I thought upon retirement I might pursue travel writing but that would really have required connecting with some travel magazine or blog. I just like doing it sporadically. I figure lots of people travel to Clearwater, Florida for the white-sand beaches and ocean. I’m headed there for relaxation and mind-clearing boredom

My agenda: reading at pool side with a funny hat I’ll buy at one of the famous Ron-Jon Surf shops, and a bottle of white wine, maybe rose’. Then I’ll get crazy and actually walk the beach in the afternoon a time or two – maybe – it’s hot, smelly, and packed. And to get to the real beach, Clearwater beach, you have to navigate a highway from Clearwater. I’m not sure that’s walkable – especially for a retired guy with a touch of plantar’s fasciitis.  An left leg mushiness from a mild stroke three week ago.

But there’ always the rental car!

I like an amuthentic experience. Anyone who has ever visited Clearwater knows it still has an abundance of old Mom-n-Pop motels. I’’ve booked one for five nights. It’s rated three stars so I’m hopeful. I just think it’ a less sterile, not literally, than he big chain knockoffs for three times the price closer to the beach.

The other thing i like to do is research the old restaurants which have served smelly and loud midwesterners for decades.

I’ve already located several eating spots and two wine shops. For good measure I’m near a Costco too – but having to go there seems like failure.

I remember going to Clearwater a time of two as a kid with family, several times since and 2-3 years in row around 2000 – to sit and do nothing. And, that’ how I’ve described this trip to friend.

I’m hoping the motel has a hot tub or whirlpool which will probably be closest I come to getting in the water, other than my shower.

So I’ll pen a few odes to tourism …. The pure joy of not being at home, the smell of the sea, the disgust of what some people wear to the beach and the unbridled enjoyment of lots of grouper and mahi mahi.

I’ll post a few photos here probably more on Facebook and Instagram.

I’ll do my best to keep it anything but serious – factual observation, a bit of whimsy and snark. It’s what I do.