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Food courts seem like such an 80s – 90s thing but a new one in Indy seems to have a great mix.

Entrance is midway down between the two main buildings

The Garage Food Hall at Bottleworks opened today, Jan. 5. I’m retired, I had nothing to do today so I checked it out. They’ve done amazing work inside and outside on this historic old Coca-Cola Bottling plant. When near Mass Ave, check out The Garage and at least walk through the hotel’s lobby. The art deco look and Coca-Cola nostaliga is really welcoming to this new high-end hotel.

The garage is about 50 percent occupied for the opening week. There were plenty of signs for “opening soon” other eateries. I saw a working barber shop and casual clothing store. The area is certainly set up for live entertainment as well.

The big hit on opening day, well most of the food stands were busy, at 1:30 was J’s Lobster – lobster rolls anyonoe? Afterall this is landlocked Indiana. Plenty of ethnic choices and one old friend. Clancy’s hamburgers – something of an icon from the 50s and 60s in the Hoosier state.

Another busy spot was Herculean Meal Prep – frozen, high-quality, single-serving meals normally selling for $9.99. I bought a couple and will have to report back.

There were lots of spots for adult beverages with more to come. Besides the hotel, the complex will feature a theater. It’s wonderfull to see that beautiful building brought back to life. I must admit I had flashbacks of horror to the Union Station food court on its second floor. But that place didn’t have near the quality of food I saw here. A new food court for a new decade – a welcome addition to this corner of downtown.

Clancy’s burger

For journalistic integrity and thorough reporting I took a trip down memory lane with a Clancy’s burger. Maybe next time I’ll have Poke.