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IMG_0436Some local restaurants are doing really well, it seems,  restricted to carry-out, deliver,  and curbside delivery.

As I’ve written here several times my goal writing more now is to highlight local, and primarily locally-owned restaurants.  I  have been trying to throw in some comment and observations on life during the Coronavirus shutdown.

Last night (April 2) I visited King Dough Pizza on Highland Ave. The Bloomington-based company arrived in Indy with great fanfare. KD sits on the square in Bloomington and has long been considered a hot spot.

I visited twice shortly after they opened here and thought it was pretty great pizza. Last night I ordered an 8-inch Margarita pizza with pepperoni. Upon arrival, clearly business has been good as the accompanying photo shows. And the server said they have stayed pretty busy.

image0 (2)I never like writing really negative reviews especially considering current circumstances. The pizza last night did not measure up to my two previous visits – very doughy and a bit on the salty side. Still, was tasty and I WOULD recommend to others.

I had written here before about the small boutique wine shop where I work being open through all of this. Here is a story from today’s Star on the topic.

My experience has been similar. We’ve been pretty busy with lots of customers expressing surprise and gratitude that we’re still open. I guess alcohol is essential: Let the jokes begin.

On a personal note, many friends have asked about my work status. I check two of the five boxes on those at risk. Right now I’m perfectly healthy and doing all the suggested preventative steps. The company ownership has expressed concern  about its older workers and suggested we take off for awhile. I continue to play it by ear and will work tonight. Next week’s schedule has me down to two days. So ….. we’ll see.

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