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It’s quite fair to say what’s essential to you may not be essential for me.

In these confusing times there seems to a very, very broad definition of essential businesses. Running some necessary errands this Tuesday morning on Indy’s eastside I saw a number of business open that surprised.

IMG_0425I saw a hair braiding business, donut shop, and vacuum sales and service store all open. Hmmmmm …

Just so no one can call me a hypocrite, I work part time in a retail wine shop and we remain open. I’ve continued to work my four short shifts each week and will until the numbers explode. I check off two of the five risk factors but I’m playing it as safe as possible. Is wine essential during these times? Well, I’m sure that could provoke some interesting and fun answers.

It seems that a near complete shutdown would be more advised. The problem is no one has put me in charge yet.

Carry on; Carry out

My most recent carry out experience was Friday so I’m a little tardy. If you haven’t discovered His Place on 30th just east of Shadeland you’re missing out. You can read all about the place on the link above. From fried chicken, fried fish, bourbon creamed corn, and red velvet waffles you can’t go wrong.

image0Chef James “Mackie” Jones is an experienced catering chef who puts out the best soul food in the city. And if you like it fried, His Place rock.

My personal favorite is the Friday Fish Fry with fish, fries, cole slaw and a drink. You have a choice of 3-4 different kinds of fish. I like the catfish and it’s wonderfully coated and crispy.

Go out and support these small businesses which are so vital to our community. And, I’ve been leaving a bigger than normal tip!

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