BIG SUR, Ca – This post has nothing to do with wine other than my selected route Tuesday from Paso Robles to Napa/Sonoma.

I had driven a small section of the north end of the Pacific Coast Highway south of Monterey a few years ago. But Monday was a chance to drive the extended distance and through Big Sur. If there is a more beautiful drive in the U.S. I’m not sure where it would be found.

It was foggy a good portion of the drive but it didn’t take away the majesty of the coast. The skies turned blue with bright sunshine the last 20 miles or so.

Oh, and those winding, mountain side roads aren’t as bad as some had warned me – but not for the faint of heart. I did find my hands occasionally squeeze the steering wheel pretty darn hard a few times. It does drain a lot of energy driving the winding, climbing roads at pretty slow speeds.

But never turn down the chance to make the drive if you wandering California.

I’m visiting Sonoma/Napa through Friday. This is really a bit of a vacation and I’m trying to keep it simple. That said, I’ve already got three stops planned today. I’m going to try to post most evenings.