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I don’t grab a handful of wine-related items and post them here often enough. So here are a couple interesting ones today.

Win a Luxury Vacation in Sonoma

I’ve written numerous times about the various online wine sales sites. Underground Cellar is a new one. (Twitter: @ucellar) Instead of discounting wine prices, you buy whatever number of bottles at the lowest price with a good chance of getting more expensive wines as an upgrade.

In other words, you buy six bottles of wine for $30 each – four of those six, or more .. or less .. could be more expensive bottles from the same offer.

This site is new and they’re running a great giveaway to drive membership. I like the concept. I have bought from them and will again. If you’re interested in the contest, you can read all about it and register right here.

Eliminate the drinking age?

Here’s a topic I’d never given much thought to previously but the author raises some good points. From Time Magazine, a column about eliminating the legal drinking age of 21. It’s an interesting read whether you’re a supporter or not.

Compelling Struggle of Young Oregon Winemakers

I’ve visited the Willamette Valley three times and headed back there in June with my first Grape Sense wine tour. I’m always on the look out for new and interesting wineries and approaches to Oregon Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Pinot Gris.

This story in The Oregonian paints a fascinating picture of young winemakers struggling to get their wineries going in largely difficult, challenging, and certainly competitive times.