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The latest two Edible Indy Magazines with a nice French Loaf from Amelia's Bakery.

The latest two Edible Indy Magazines with a nice French Loaf from Amelia’s Bakery.

WHITESTOWN, IN. – Just over a week ago Edible Indy owners and editor celebrated a relaunch of their foodie magazine.

The magazine is a free distribution publication, with paid circulation to homes, that really fills a niche’ in the Indianapolis food and beverage scene.

“This new issue is a facelift,” Managing Editor Heather Tallman said. “We’re taking the outdoors and bringing it in. We wrote about the culinary escapades of Jeff Saturday (former Indianapolis Colt lineman). Everyone knows Jeff as just a football player. He talked about his dramatic weight loss and his fit lifestyle with his family.

“We had some gluten-free recipes, some great cocktails, and a U-Relish farms story about a meatless recipe using a slow cooker.  We wrapped up this issue talking about the bounty of the hunt. For people who do hunt and like game, we have a recipe for medallions of venison.”

Edible Indy Managing Editor Heather Tallaman

Edible Indy Managing Editor Heather Tallman

The issue included information on edible gifts and lots of chocolate items. “Indiana has a bounty of food artisans and I feel they really need a little more attention,” Tallman said.

Tallman and new owners Jeff and Jennifer Rubenstein hope to target those who want to shop and eat locally.  “I hope it’s the beginning foodist, the people who are exceptional home cooks to people who are food collectors like myself,” Tallaman said of potential magazine readers. “I go to events like this (launch party) and I’m sampling candy to craft beers or wines.”

If you can’t find the magazine in Central Indiana, you can access the Edible Indy website and their Chew On It blog. You can also buy a subscription to be mailed to your home. All of the information is on their website.

The launch party at the Golf Club of Indiana near Whitestown was more than cocktails and a bite or two though. Various food artisans joined the fun to help show off what Edible Indy is all about.

Over the past 10 years the quality and sheer quantity of unique food artisans has exploded. I didn’t visit all of the booths, but in the best investigative journalistic principles did my best.

Here are a few I really enjoyed along with a comment or two on each.

Mile Square Coffee Roastery – I had a sip without my drop of cream and sweetner and thought the fresh-roasted brew was about as smooth as it gets. I loved the full flavor without the bitterness!

Killer Tofu – Yes, tofu. These folks are looking for an Indy location for a restaurant but the products are available in better Indy markets. I had this little salsa like thing with a rosemary biscuit – awesome!

Wilks & Wilson – Purveyors of fine elixirs is the subtitle of their business. They make stuff for drinks – is another way to look at it. They were debuting their orange elixir in a nice glass of Prosecco. Oh my!

Brozinni Pizzeria – Food truck and retail outlet, this was pretty darn good hand-made pizza with some unique combos.

Goodies from Smoking Goose

Goodies from Smoking Goose

Quaff On Brewing Company – This Brown County, Nashville, IN., brewery makes a darn fine wheat beer. Ok, I’m not much of a beer drinker but I like the lighter stuff. Their pulled pork sandwich was killer too!

Chocolate for the Spirit – Friend Julie Bolejack is still cranking out world-class chocolate in Shelbyville, Indiana. Her efforts have been honored across the country.

… and finally:

Smoking Goose Meatery & Goose The Market – If you haven’t come accross these fabulous meat products in Indy, you must be eating all of your meals at McDonalds. They are defining food artisan for many in Central Indiana. The products are fabulous.