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Wine writers, regular wine drinkers, geeks, enthusiasts and drunkards know there are bottles that just are not going to be likable.

Or another way of putting it would be bottles you’re not “supposed” to like. You know those wines — not much going on, little fruit, and no finish.

syrahLes Jamelles 2011 Syrah can be found in lots of wine shops, probably small markets and liquor stores. It’s cheap with an average price of $8-$12.

I checked CellarTracker and two reviews came in at 83-84. In today’s world that slightly above a kick in the head.

I jumped over to Snooth and saw it got three of five little wine glasses. I’m not sure what that means but I would guess “better than average.” Frankly, that’s generous.

There’s a bit of fruit and a very soft finish. It’s plain. It’s simple.

So, why did I like it? I liked it because it’s plain and there’s not much going on. I write that as I sit here sipping a wonderful Derby winery blend from Paso Robles. Cabernet, Merlot, and several other grapes. It’s layered, multiple fruits on the palate and a dynamite finish. But wow, that takes effort.

Every once in awhile something simple and uninteresting isn’t all that bad. I cleaned out the Les Jamelles over two nights and enjoyed it both times. I was eating light dinners so it just didn’t matter.

Not everything in your glass requires 4-5-6 adjectives to enjoy it. Sometimes plain and simple suffices! I’d give this wine a solid “Recommended!”