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Worker framed

A harvest worker reaches through the thick vines to grab this bunch of Indiana Traminette.

STARLIGHT, IN. – The Monday overcast morning wasn’t necessarily the idyllic setting many wine enthusiasts vision for fall harvest. There is this romantic notion of Napa-like sunny skies, smiles and the colors of fall and wine grapes.

All of that holds true, to an extent, in Southern Indiana but a day in the vineyard during harvest quickly brings the realization that harvest is hard work. It’s hectic, its difficult, and it’s rushed – because it has to be to make fine wine.

Ted Huber scooping out stems.

Ted Huber scooping out stems.

Ted Huber, Indiana’s largest vineyard owner, was kind enough to let me hang out today. I shot a ton of photos. Here is the album of more than 30 shots.

I’ve been telling people for a long time that you learn about great wine in the vineyard and not the winery. And it couldn’t possibly be more true than walk the vineyard during harvest then watch the fruit being delivered to the production facility.

All of the workers, along with Ted, were great  explaining the process and what they do during this incredibly busy time of the year.

I’m headed back up the hill to Huber’s Tuesday morning. This will be a shorter visit but they’re probably doing some bottling – something I’d like to see. Maybe buy some peaches or something!