There are nearly 500 wine-related smart phone apps on iTunes. There are some real good ones, really, really good ones, and quite a few real duds.

vivino-wine-scannerI’ve not tried all that many but have become a big van of Vivino. It’s growing, it’s hot and it’s unique.

Most of the apps offer some way to journal your wines and offer your opinion on the tasted.

What makes Vivino so unique is that you use your phone camera to shoot a photo of the label then the app scans that label and up pops the basic information about the wine. It’s like magic to an old ($*#$&) like me!

And even if it gets it slightly wrong (which happened to me the other night), it provides a list of similarly named wines which lets you select the correct one. (which I did!)

Even if you’re not interested in what other people think about wine, it’s a great way to keep track of wines you’ve consumed.

No kickback just a plug for a product in a crowded field that I think works!