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There are good wines, great wines and wines which just bring you joy. These reviews offer a good mixture of all.

SEbastianiSebastiani Vineyards 2009 Zinfandel – This was really great, classic Sonoma County Zinfandel from Sebastiani – a family with roots in California dating back to the late 1800s.

The wine had wonderful balance, power, really dark fruit, pepper, and the dusty quality that really sets some wines apart as they age gracefully.

It’s what most wine geeks would call really “ripe fruit” but isn’t that what entices some wine buyers” I think so.

This wine is a great bargain that tops many at a higher price point. CellarTracker users gave it 89 points and I find that rating spot on.

I got this bottle in a blind “mystery’ half case sale through Invino wines online site.  What a pleasant surprise considering I got it for $10!

Sebastiani Vineyards 2009 Zinfandel, $14-$16, Highly Recommended.

cinsaultLes Jamelles 2011 Cinsault Rose’ – With summer approaching, I’m looking for great dry Rosé. My search led me to pick up this bottle last weekend after attending a large tasting of nearly 50 different wines. (No, I didn’t taste them all!)

Cinsault is a red wine grape and mostly used in blends. It’s also a popular component of many Rosé wines. It’s widely planted in Southern France’s Languedoc region. The 100-percent Cinsault was unusual and the price was cheap so I grabbed a bottle.

It’s a very light wine on the palate, making it perfect for hot summer weather. Frankly, I was looking for a bit more flavor. It also had a tiny bit of a ‘candied” mouth feel. I would by no means call it sweet though. I liked the flavors and just wish it was more pronounced.

But at this price, it’s a great dry Rosé for those exploring these delightful summer wines.

Les Jamelles 2011 Cinsault Rose’, $11.99, Cork & Cracker, Indianapolis; Recommended

RignanaInvino Online Wine Surprise! – I buy a lot of wine from online flash sites. These are sites which buy directly from wineries at a reduced rate. But the good sites, and there a plenty of sites, are sourcing interesting wines you may never find off a shelf.

That’s what happened when I scanned an Invino Wine sale Saturday morning. Invino was offereing Fattoria di Rignana Chianti Classico. I had visited Fattoria di Rignana on New Year’s Eve 2009.

Rignana-Chianti-Classico-2007-LabelIt was a cold gray day but I remember the Rignana was simply the best Chianti Classico I had ever tasted. I ordered three bottles off the site. It normally retails for $30 but I got it for $17,99 a bottle.

If you’d like an invitation to Invino, just drop me a note or leave a comment at the bottom of the blog. You need to include an email address. I’ve written about many of these flash internet sites. These web sales points are offering some of the best deals you’ll find in wine.