Most would think anyone who consumers as much wine as a wine writer could not be lured in by marketing and the oddity of a $6.99 Burgundy. Right? Well, wrong!

The very thought of $6.99 Burgundy tells any wine drinker there can’t be much going on inside the bottle. Right? Right!

Pinot EvilBurgundy at $6.99 is going to be awful, right? Wrong!

Awful no, more non-existant.

Awful is subjective while non-existent is void of characteristics which could make one label a wine good or bad.

Pinot Evil Pinot Noir made its way to the shores of the US-of-A for Octavin’s boxed wines, many of which are pretty good bargains. This $6.99 bottle enjoyed a really big display in a high-end Indianapolis market that called to me like a siren’s song.

I threw it in the cart. Big Mistake!

Disgusting? No!

Drinkable? Yes! As long as you’re not looking for something that tastes like Pinot. It doesn’t taste like —- well, anything.

Taste? There isn’t any. Nothing there. Not unpleasant, but no flavor. Try bottled water, perhaps? You search and think long enough you might get a weeeee bit of cherry like those flavored waters.

Downside? Don’t buy wines with monkeys on the label!

Pinot Evil Pinot Noir, non-vintage (a clue), $6.99, Not Recommended.