Grape Sense jumped platforms a month ago today.  I used that opportunity to make several changes. I used to link up several other bloggers that were interesting to me and I thought would be interesting to others.

I elected not to do that here and instead just link up blog posts from other wine writers, foodies, and such when they really had something to say.

That happened this morning with a post from The Passionate Foodie. Richard Auffrey has a substantial following. He is an attorney, Certified Spanish Wine Educator, Certified Sake Professional, and Certified Wine Location Specialist (think Champagne and Port). So the point is he is serious at what he does.

He tells an interesting story about a Boston-area chef’s alleged misleading practices. The chef has built his reputation on fresh and local sourcing when quite the opposite might be true.

With the explosion of the farm-to-fork and local sourcing movement, this blog from The Passionate Foodie is worth a read.