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Brian Doyle, noted Portland author, paid a visit to Indiana Feb. 28 and delighted and charmed with his wit, enthusiasm, and joyous attitude.

DoyleI had the chance to sit down for a brief interview and talk about “The Grail – A year ambling & shambling through an Oregon vineyard in pursuit of the best pinot noir wine in the whole wild world.”

Doyle’s book was published in 2006 and had a real impact on developing my wine passion. I was headed to Oregon for a business trip in 2007 and had planned on visiting the Willamette Valley but had never heard of Doyle, Jesse Lange, or Lange Winery.

I had the book finished before going west and made an appointment with Jesse. My visit that day and others I made on the trip took my wine interest from passive to passionate.

Here is that chat with Brian Doyle!