For readers in Central Indiana there is a great chance Saturday (Jan. 26) to meet one of the real icons of Indiana wine. If that was posed in the form of a question many would rattle off the names of Oliver, Easley, Huber, or Thomas – and they would be right.

But Dr. Richard Vine, Purdue University Professor of Enology, Emeritus, deserves to have his name along side those winery pioneers. He helped guide and steer the Indiana wine industry for decades.

Dr. Vine, and you have to love the irony of his last name, has a new book titled “The Curious World of Wine.” It’s a collection of stories, facts, and colorful tales.

He will be selling and signing copies of his book from 2-4 p.m. at Mass Ave. Wine Shop in Indianapolis.  You can stop in buy a book, get it signed and pick up a bottle or two from old friend Jill Ditmire’s “Wall of Wine.”

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