I’ve written about the importance of tasting wine, exploring wine, and if at all possible attending wine tastings to expand your knowledge!

Tonight (Jan. 9) I reconnected with one of the people who really stoked my passion for wine – Dean Wilson of Indianapolis.

Dean works now for a distributor, but has worked for restaurants, owned his own restaurant and wine shop, and wine shop alone.

Dean is great at these because he doesn’t just pour the wine. He talks about the winery, country, region, and educates his audience every step of the way.

Tonight, at Augustino’s Italian Restaurant on Indy’s southside, we tasted Proseco, Pinot Grigio, and two Chianti wines.

There are other tastings around the city and a good chance one near you – no matter where you may live. There is no better way to learn than taste, listen to someone knowledgeable, and ask questions.