Have you spent a summer looking through Rose’ colored glasses? If not, it’s never too late.

Sales are really exploding in this country for Rose’ wines – that happy middle between whites and reds. The beautiful dry Rose’ wines will please almost any palate.

Here are three worthy of your consideration.

Chaeau La Tour De Beraud 2011 Rose – The Costieres De Nimes region of Southern France produces many nice Rose’ wines. This was one of the most enjoyable I tasted this summer. This Rose was 50 percent Grenache, 30 percent Mourvedre, and 20 percent Syrah.

A simple primer on the grapes is that Grenache will give it great fruit flavor, the Mouvredre will add a little color and the Syrah adds body and mouth feel to the wine.

The wine had delightful fruit and balance. Rose’ done right is always very drinkable wine and this one was one of the best. It was in limited supply when I bought it several weeks ago in Indiana. If you find the wine, buy it.

Chateau La Tour De Beraud 2011 Rose, $11-$14, Very Highly Recommended.

Borsao 2011 Rose’ – One of my first really great Rose’ wines was a Spanish Garnacha-based wine. During my last trip to the wine shop, I realized I hadn’t had one this year! So I picked up a very affordable Borsao 2011 Rose.

Before any wine geekiness – the Borsao Rose’ can be found for $7-$12. At that price, you should buy a case.

The Garnacha (same as French Grenache) makes beautiful and fruity wines – especially Rose. The wine had nice balance but pretty mild acidity, perhaps too mild for some tastes. But it kills the drinkability test.

The differences between a Spanish Garnacha Rose’ and a blend from Southern France will be slight for many but worth the exploration.

Borsao 2011 Rose’, $7-$12, Recommended

Cuvee des Messes Basses Ventoux 2011 Rose’ – A Grenache blend Rose that is easily the lightest of the three reviewed here. Now, that does not mean it’s flavorless. But the fruit is mild, its soft on the palate and the acidity is barely detected.

Many wine writers/critics would hate this wine for all of those reasons. I like it for all those reasons. I like big bold wines, light bodies wines and wines which fall everywhere in between.

It’s delightful, non-complicated wine that’s easy to drink. Isn’t that what most of us are looking for on most trips to the wine shop?

Cuvee des Messes Basses Ventoux 2011 Rose’, I couldn’t find what I paid for it but under $15, Recommended.

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