Behind again on wine reviews so going to do my best to catch up over the next few days. Let’s start with a couple of Rose’ wines and a great value Bordeaux white.

L’Esprit De Sainte Marguerite 2011 – This is typical salmon-pink Provence Rose that satisfies. It was a light and refreshing Rose with a fresh berry taste that I enjoyed with some grilled shrimp.

It’s a combination of Grenache and Cinsault. Decanter, the well-respected British publication and website, gave the 2011 Rose’ four a possible five stars. This Rose, though a bit pricer than many I’ve enjoyed this summer, was far from the best or worst I’ve tasted. At this price point, I expected a bit more but it’s not disappointing.

L’Esprit De Sainte Marguerite 2011, $19.99, though I found it a little cheaper on some internet sites. Recommended.

Chateau Margui 2010 – I can only give this wine mention. It was clearly past its prime when I drank it a couple of weeks ago. It’s available here in Indiana and wine ratings I found were positive. I picked it up at a higher price point than normal thinking it would be something special. The wine had not gone bad, just past it’s prime.

The fruit was gone and the wine was flat. The finish was borderline unpleasant. I’ve asked a couple of retailers about the aging of Rose and all have said the higher end wines should age nicely for a few years. This is the second $20-plus Rose I’ve opened recently and been very disappointed. I won’t criticize the wine because I don’t think I tasted it at its best. Let’s just say I won’t be buying any more 2010 Rose this season. I’ll stick to the current releases of 2011.

Chateau Margui 2010 Rose, $26, No Recommendation.

Chateau Haut Rian 2010 Bordeaux Blanc – Here is a wine to bebunk critics who say you can’t buy a drinkable and enjoyable wine for under $10.

This is mostly Semilion with Sauvignon Blanc and I loved it. I got plentiful grapefruit and maybe a hint of lime on this light and minerally white wine. It was delightful with a swordfish steak I seared on the grill.

It normally retails around $12 – a great, great bargain. But I found cases of it at Carmel’s Vine & Table for $9.99.

Chateau Haut Rian 2010 Bordeaux Blanc, $SRP $12.99, Highly Recommended.

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