Yesterday I posted some “catch up” reviews and I’m still catching up! Now let’s go through a couple of very nice and one naughty Rose.

Chateau Ollieux Romanis 2011 Rose – This Corbieres region of the Languedoc almost always offers up nice wines in a very drinkable style.

The Rose is made from 60percent  Grenache gris, 30 percent Cinsault, and 10 percent Grenache Noir. It’s a beautiful light salmon color typical of Southern France Rose. I got floral hints and herbs and a really nice and refreshing glass of wine for $15.99.

When I found the average price on the internet at $11, I’m not sure I liked it as much! But at either price it’s a great summer sipper.

Chateau Ollieux Romanis 2011 Rose, $11-$15.99, Recommended.

Coteaux D’ Ancenis 2011 Rose – Okay, I bought this for the novelty. The Rose was certainly more of a red than pink or salmon and it caught my eye because its made from the great Beaujolais grape of gamay.

I’m not sure if it was the gamay, the wine making process, or what – but I ended up pouring it out. The wine had not gone bad but not to my taste at all.

Coteaux D’ Ancenis 2011 Rosm $12.99, Not Recommended.

Lachini Vineyard 2010 Rose of Pinot Noir – Wow! I’ve had a lot of Pinot Rose and this one was easily the best ever! I’m a huge fan of most of Oregon’s Willamette Valley Pinot Noir so it holds to reason some of those wineries should be knocking Rose’ out of the park.

And this Rose, is a triple crown winner – fruit, balance and acidity is everything you’d want in a well-made white/Rose’ wine. It’s crisp, clean and bold enough cherry fruit to make most Rose’ fans happy. The finish was nice and it really made me re-think Rose’ of Pinot.

Lachini Vineyard 2010 Rose of Pinot Noir, $19.99, Highly Recommended

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