Me, Janelle, Denise, and Pam – wine writers all!

Getting to tour the great wine regions with other writers/bloggers is a great opportunity to meet people with a similar interest. But it’s also interesting to hear what others are doing with their blogs and writing. Everyone also brings different levels of wine expertise.

There were plenty of wine writers in Bordeaux for the Fete le Vin. The sponsoring organization had groups from several countries. We often mixed and matched during the three days which made it fun.

This is the first of several “catch up” posts. I have a full Sunday of travel to get home and will post this one or whatever else I can. The U.S. contingent consisted of two midwesterners, a west coast representative and a U.S. native living in England.

Texas native Mary, owner of Decanter Tours
was such a help with her years of knowledge
about the Bordeaux wine region.

We spent Saturday morning together on a boat with great seafood, wine, incredible scenery, and great company.

Janelle Carter works out of Chicago. She is a former attorney who has gotten serious about her wine. You can learn more from her blog, the Cork Chronicles. Janelle and I shared a similar plight of delayed arrival and lost luggage.

Pam Mandell has a great attitude as a wine novice but great experience as a travel writer. Check out here NerdsEyeView blog.

Denise Medrano considers California home but now lives in England. Her wine blog is The Wine Sleuth.

NOTE: I started writing this post this morning during a layover in Nice, France. My flight was delayed which means I missed my connection to Indianapolis when I arrived in New York. So I’m in airport hotel tonight and will fly home tomorrow. The travel fun just never ends!

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