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DETROIT, Mi. – In midst of one of the nicest layovers of any overseas trip. I’m at Detroit airport waiting on flight to Rome and then on into Bordeaux mid-day tomorrow for Bordeaux Fete le Vin – or wine festival.

Moving my way down a people mover I noticed Vino Volo and how attractive it looked for an airport winebar. I found my gate to note everything was on schedule and figured what better way to prepare for 9 hours on a plane! Ha!

My waiter told me the concept is new but already in 19 U.S. Airports. Thanks to WiFi and iPhones I’ve attached a couple of pics and a link to the company’s site above. But this place rocks.

The menu inlcuded three sets of eight different type wines along with a “Taste of all Three” option. I started with an Andrieux and Fils Provence Rose. It was silky and smooth with a wonderful pomegranite flavor. A nice glass of Rose at an airport for $10? Not bad!! If we were doing the 100-point thing, the Rose’ was a strong 90 points.

Then with nearly an hour before boarding why not try the Antonin Rodel Cotes de Beaune 2009 Burgundy? One of the neat things this chain does is provide a little paper coaster with more about the wine you’re drinking with tasting notes and the cost per bottle.

The Burgundy could have used a slight chill but was a very nice glass. It had nice cherry and you picked up a hint of oak. It was a bit spicy and really had nice second level characteristics. Not cheap at $15 a glass but worth it to numb the airport experience.

They also offer some very nice small bites, small plates and sandwhiches. You can also buy wine by the bottle. It’s a great concept! I’ll definitely be looking for Vino Volo on future trips. I’m impressed.

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