Perhaps you’ve seen it lurking in the corner of your neighborhood pharmacy.

There by the Gallo, Fetzer, and Cupcake you might have seen little tiny glasses of wine that called your name or confused you.  It confused me.

Copa di Vino is the company behind single serving glasses of wine now being distributed across the country. Go to the website and you’ll see how the owners of two wineries were riding a train in France and saw the idea there.

A small taste taken in the video below was “ok Cabernet.” The next day it was undrinkable.

Check out the video.

POST SCRIPT: Two nights later I found this ‘glass’ of Cab in my fridge. I did take a sip – nasty. But after two days a lot of Cab would be nasty. I wouldn’t recommend these to anyone wanting wine for wine’s sake, but for convenience it was drinkable.

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