Languedoc Vineyards in January

I always get a kick out of the next grape that’s going to take the world by storm! It’s always been fun among wine geeks to talk about such things though I’m not sure average wine drinkers really care.

Grenache is best known as the “G” in French Rhone Valley Cotes du Rhone GSM grapes. The other two would be Syrah and Mourvedre, for those who really care. I love Grenache and really love the Rhone varietals and blends driven by Grenache.

The Spanish call it Garnacha but it’s the same grape. California Central Coast wine makers, especially the Rhone Rangers, are growing lots of Grenache and it can be found in Sonoma as well.

Carignan is a very old varietal well known in Southern France or the Languedoc. Much of it has been discarded in recent years, but it seems to be making a comeback along with the Languedoc which is emerging as a great value wine region.

Once in a while I like posting news I read elsewhere for those who always want to learn more about wine. Here is a story from the UK’s Telegraph newspaper bout Carignan. And another story from the San Francisco Chronicle’s website about California Grenache! Read up!

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