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Semillon is a grape many novices have never tried and probably not even heard about. The grape is grown widely in Australia, France, Chile, and South Africa. I tasted some California grown Semillon in Mendocino County, CA., last January.

I think it’s a wine many wine drinkers would really like if they give it a try.

I recently opened a 2008 Australian Jenke Vineyards Barossa Semillon. The family moved from Germany to Australia in the 1800s.

The wine is crisp and grassy like a Sauvignon Blanc with hints of lime and lemon.

Many white wines are just a one hit wonder, but the Jenke Semillon had balance, some action on the mid palate and a wonderful lingering finish.

You could have this wine alone any night or serve it with vegetarian dishes. I would be a marvelous pairing with roasted chicken.

I found prices all over the place on the internet ranging from $15-$23. I paid $19.99 at Cork and Cracker in Indy.

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