I’ve been a fan of Concannon wines even before their savy marketer Stephen Mitchell put me on their samples list.

I jumped at the chance to have dinner with John Concannon earlier this summer when he was working with his distributor visiting retail outlets in Indiana. He usually does one media availabilty per trip, he told me.

So, at Stephen’s urging I’m sure, Concannon used that one media availability with me and gave me a bit of a scoop. He told me Concannon was about to add a fifth wine to their dynamite lineup of Conservancy wines.

The new wine would be called “Crimson & Clover” honoring his father, Jim. Jim Concannon was the first to bottle Petit Sirah as a varietal and is a real icon in California.

The wine was introduced this week on Jim Concannon’s 80th birthday.

My samples of the new wine arrived yesterday. I was little worried by our heat, but opened a bottle tonight with a ribeye off the grill. The wine will be popular. Seldom can you find a big, fruit-forward red wine with a nice silky texture like this one for $15.

The wine is a blend of 50 percent Petit Sirah, 25 percent Cabernet, 15 percent Syrah, and 10 percent Zinfandel. It gets plenty of time in oak – 18 months in French and American wood. The alcohol is relatively low at 13.7 percent.

Though not particularly sophisticated, a really nice and big fruit red wine. Again, I urge people to judge wine at the price point. And for $15, this is darn good wine.

I wrote a newspaper column about Concannon as well which you can check out here.

I found this story about the Concannon Celebration. There are a lot more like it online.

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