I think I’ve become the roving “states” reporter for Palate Press. I’m happy to do just that, thank you!

Last summer I visited Michigan wineries and wrote a piece about that state’s wine efforts that was very well received. I had a ton of positive feedback. Earlier this spring I visited Wisconsin with a similar type of thing in mind.

The story is now featured on Palate Press.

(In photo at right, Steve Johnson and Maria Milano pour me a glass of Glacier White.)

Here are some links of blog entries and photos from my visit not included in the Palate Press Story:

Photo Albums:
Wollersheim Winery
Fisher King Winery
Ledgestone and Parallell 44 wineries

Blog Entries During My Visit:
Wollersheim and Fisher King Visits
Ledgestone and Parallell 44 Visits

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