Watch out Cheeseheads – I’m ready to rock some Leon Millot, St. Coix, and Frontenac.

Obscure 70s rock bands – or are those really grapes? I’m about to find out.

I’m headed Thursday to Madison, Wisconsin for a quick two-day visit to Wisconsin wine country. I’ve gotten more excited by the day about the visit as I researched this interesting area.

My two stops Friday feature one of the state’s oldest wineries and one of the newest. Wollersheim Winery has such a great story as an institution and an even better story with its current winemaker Philippe Coquard. Philippe grew up in the Beaujolais region of France.

I’ll drive down to the picturesque village of Mount Horeb in the afternoon and visit with Alwyn Fitzgerald of Fisher King Winery. He is constructing an urban winery right downtown. It’s a big trend across the country and I’m anxious to see the Wisconsin version, which is now under construction.

Because my wine wackiness knows no boundries, I’ll get up Saturday morning early and drive about two hour up to near Green Bay. My first stop of the day will be at LedgeStone Vineyards in Greenleaf, Wi.

The second stop will be out near the coast of Lake Michigan and a visit to Parallel 44 – yes, on the same parallel as Bordeaux and Tuscany. But being near Green Bay, wouldn’t you just guess that they DO HAVE a wine called “Frozen Tundra!”

Bring on the Leon Millot, St. Croix, and Frontenac – I’ve never tasted the three but can’t wait. I’ll be tweeting throughout both days as signal permits at: @howardhewitt

I’ll probably check in on Facebook. I plan to have a blog post up each night if at all possible about the visits. Hopefully, those post will be with lots of photos.

Of course, the interviews and material will be shared in coming weeks on Palate Press, my newspaper column and here!

Frozen Tundra!!!! I can’t wait to try it!

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