I’ve written a couple of times lately about Indiana’s Jim Pfieffer of Turtle Run Winery in the southern part of the state, not far from Corydon and Louisville.

Jim is a “try everything” kind of guy. We all know someone like Jim. Except his ‘try everything’ approach is with wine. He added a very unique “noble rot” style wine to his lineup this year and named it after his daughter – or, Catherine’s Blend.

“The Catherine’s Blend is a combination of botryticized (noble rot) vignoles and chardonel at a 76 percent – 24 perent ratio,” Jim said. “No sugar added, just like all of my wines…today! It really makes sweet wines taste superior to ones in which sugar is added. Customers are noticing and are appreciating how we are setting a new standard in Midwest wine. Nothing like going to the traditional and much harder methods in wine making.”

Here’s more from Jim in a short video I recorded down at the winery in late February.

I poured the Catherine’s blend for my wine buddies – the Dudes on the Porch. They admit to not being big white fans but loved Jim’s effort. “This would be nice with Chinese pork,” said Alex, our former wine shop guy and food pairing expert.

Mike gave it a big “Mmmm!”

Patrick, as usual, had a little more to say. “This is nice and crisp,” he said. “It has a little apricot before the finish.”

I loved the mouthfeel and the richness. If you’re anywhere near I-64 in Southern Indiana, find Turtle Run. You’ll taste some combinations that are part Picaso and part mad scientist.

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