With a long career in journalism, I’m always thinking about credibility and objectivity when the very nature of a lot of wine blogging involves advocacy.

I am afforded the opportunity by desire and through trade samples and travel to taste a lot of different wine.

So I when I feel strongly about a particular wine or group of wines, I do think of these things. With that too-long-of-a-disclaimer, I note the Ortman Family wines are being poured at 6 p.m. Saturday night in Indianapolis at Mass Ave. Wine Shoppe. (878 Mass Ave, Indy)

I go through all the hand wringing because I love these wines. They are some of the best food-friendly wines I’ve tasted. I’ve had Ortman’s Sangiovese, Chardonnay, Cuvee Eddy, Syrah and Petite Sirah. I haven’t yet tasted the Pinot Noir.

I met Matt and Lisa Ortman during a wine press trip in October, 2010. I first tasted the remarkable Sangiovese which was okay by itself but opened and became so beautifully expressive with a pasta dish we were being served.

So I’m happy a series of meetings led to Ortman picking up an Indiana Distributor – Derek Gray of Graybull Wines.

Derek and Ortman’s national sales manager will be on hand at Jill Ditmire’s retail shop to pour Ortman wines and answer questions.

I wrote a feature for the national online wine magazine – Palate Press on Matt and his work with Sangiovese. You can see that here.

My employer, Wabash College, also used Ortman wines at a recent liberal arts symposium on food. See a short piece I wrote about that here.

If you like a full line of drinkable, and reasonably priced, quality red and white wines, I hope to see you Saturday at Mass Ave.

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