The Grape Sense family is growing. Today I picked up the Paris Beacon-News, a small daily newspaper in Paris, Illinois.

From October of 2008, the column has been all about networking. I’m not sure I’ve confessed in writing my intent but I hope to do something in wine marketing, writing, or perhaps retail in semi-retirement. But that’s still a few years off!

That’s why I don’t charge newspapers for the column. Paris becomes the 16th newspaper publishing Grape Sense and pushes the combined homes to more than 205,000.

I picked up Paris because the new publisher there used to work nearby.

I intend to reach out to small and mid-size dailies in Ohio, Michigan, and Illinois this year to build the network. I find few blogs and so far no print columns focusing on value wine and education.

I hope to keep it growing! I’ve written 61 columns since beginning and will pen the 62nd one this week. By the way, you can read them all – and who doesn’t want to do that – on Grape Sense. I maintain that blog just as an archive for the columns.

I’ve written to this blog more than 400 entries since beginning Grape Sense.

Thanks for reading here and to those who see the columns!

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