Twelve years ago Open That Bottle Night was created by Dorothy J. Gaiter and John Brecher.

The concept is rather simple. Most wine drinkers have 1-2 or a few dozen “special” bottles stashed away for a special occasion. OTBN is designed to get wine drinkers to open a special bottle – essentially – for the heck of it on a night in February.

You deserve it. It’s your money. So pick a good bottle out for this special evening celebrating good wine and celebrating you!

Great concept huh?

Gaiter and Brecher will actually be participating in a live forum Saturday night on Palate Press if you’d like to join the conversation about your wine or just watch the comments. Here is more information.

Oh, I’m going to open a Tuscan wine from Corzano E Paterno I carried home from Italy just a little over a year ago. It was the one bottle in my suitcase after a two-week visit to the Florence area – but just one day in Tuscany. The 2006 is a Sangiovese, Cab, Merlot blend!

What are you opening?

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