Keeping my wine ‘thing’ separate from my work in marketing at Wabash College is always a priority. But they do occasionally mingle. I assist the campus catering firm on selecting wines for big events.

The alumni affairs office is hosting a symposium Friday on Food and the Liberal Arts. It’s patterned after a similar program last year on Baseball and the Liberal Arts.

I did a little preview video for our college website about the night’s dinner. All this has an interesting twist that relates to my October trip to Paso Robles. I shared dinner one night in Calfifornia with Matt and Lisa Ortman of Ortman Family Vineyards. And I’ll admit, I’ve become a huge fan of their wines.

I was hoping to use to Ortman wines at this dinner but, of course, they weren’t being distributed yet in the Hoosier state. (I’m now surpressing the usual wine shipping laws rant!) To make a long story shorter, an odd occurent of events led a good friend to Ortman and then Ortman to GrayBull Distributing. That’s a story for another day.

We are going to servie Ortman Chardonnay and Cuvee Eddy at Friday night’s dinner. Near the end of the short video I introduce the wines. Remind me next time to use cue cards. When describing he Cuvee Eddy I note the traditional Cotes du Rhone blend of Syrah, Grenache, and Mouvredre – with a little bit of Petit Verdot – except I should have said Petit Syrah!

Check it out:

A student photographer is going to take lots of photos for me at tomorrow night’s dinner and I’ll get an album up. It’s fun being a part of events like this one. Even more fun when my job and side interest intersect!

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