How many different wine grapes have you consumed? Once you reach a certain level of wine geekiness you’ll find yourself thinking of such things.

I started a list a year or so and tried updating it tonight. Then I made one of those cute little word clouds you see on many websites. I don’t know that I have every different grape listed here but I suspect I’m pretty close.

A general rule is don’t know your Chardonnay from your Roussane until you’ve hit 100. I’m close enough now not to be embarrassed at 86.

I decided I was list every grape that is in any wine I have consumed. Many grapes are just not turned into 100 percent varietal wines.

It’s sort of a fun thing to do. I believe I once red there are something like 5,000 different vareties in the world that can be turned into wine. So I have a long way to go.

If you like these goofy word clouds, click on the thumbnail below and beholds it’s beauty! Or is it my gluttony? Well, it’s one or the other!

Wordle: 86 Grapes