This is the final installment of Dudes on Wine, a production of “Dudes on the Porch” wine guys. As I have written on the previous installment, it’s really a great example of just getting some friends together to taste different wines.

This group has been getting together since earlier this year and agreed to let me videotape a session for the blog. We had fun, so I’m guessing we’ll do it again and perhaps have a few variations on the concept as well.

The final wine was a totally different price point. Our first five wines were all in the mid-teen range. The Pinot Noir tonight is a $30 wine from Oregon. Cooper Mountain 2005 Old Vine Pinot is no longer available. But they have plenty of other Pinots available on their site.

I’ve long been a big fan of Oregon Pinot and written about it extensively. These are bigger and richer wines than some you’ll find but would be beautiful with Thanksgiving if you’re entertaining serious wine drinkers.

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