I’ve been promoting the “Dudes on the Porch” Thanksgiving wine reviews for a couple of days now and tonight – it’s officially “Dude” time.

There are a few points I think anyone can take from the videos I’ll publish each night through Saturday. First, is that getting together with friends, tasting wine and talking about wine is a lot of fun. Getting a group together is also a great way to increase your wine knowledge.

Our group has been getting together since late spring/early summer every 2-3 weeks and taste 4-5 wines. Sometimes we have a theme, like this week’s Thanksgiving wines, and other times we just bring a bottle and some snacks.

We’re thinking about doing more theme nights and maybe more video. If you like these, please leave a comment!

Okay, tonight’s first Thanksgiving suggestion is Riesling. There are tons of Rieslings available all across the country in every imaginable price point. German and Alsace region French Rieslings are some of the best in the world. But don’t underestimate the versions from N.Y. Finger Lakes region and Michigan. Indiana wineries produce sweet versions of the wine. Washington state produces a lot of great Riesling. You’ll even find some Riesling out of California.

So here are the dudes trying a Leeleanau Cellars, Michigan, Semi-Dry Riesling:

This was our first attempt and the lighting could be a little better. I’m learning an editing program to add lots of features to future videos. I also owe a debt of thanks to a local college student who used the Flip video cam and took some photos for us, Drew Casey, from Portland, Ore.

Tomorrow night: The Dudes try Gewurtz!

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